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    If you have a smaller number of blinds you want to be motorised, our pureduo2™ Remote Control Blinds are an ideal solution - giving you most of the benefits of a remote control system designed for conservatories at a cheaper price point.

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Remote Control Blinds

Controls up to 36 Blinds
Maximum 2 Zones

The ideal option for typical conservatories or large glazed roofs, where no individual operation is required,  pure duo2™ is the perfect Remote Control solution for a smaller amount of blinds. 
Designed for use in conservatories, the pureduo2™ system offers huge benefits over traditional systems.
What makes them so different?
Being designed as conservatory blinds, rather than adapted from house blinds like other systems, our remote control system is designed to cope with more than a few blinds, and is designed to give you complete control over them all.
Covering More Glass
Unlike other roof blinds, our remote control shaped blinds have much narrower tops – in fact our pure Remote Control Blinds often have the same top apex width as other company’s manual blinds, so our blinds cover much more of the glass.
Flexible Control
Not only can you operate all of our blinds together (which can be up to 5 times quicker than other systems) but pureduo2™ will let you group your blinds in up to two control zones: e.g. all windows blinds, all roof vents, etc.
You can also stop the blinds at any point to keep them only partially open, giving you complete control over the amount of shade in your conservatory. Each blind group can be controlled in the same way, allowing you to partially open several blinds all with a press of a button.
Sleek and Attractive
As with all pureRemote Control Blinds, there is no ugly wiring loom tucked behind the blinds, no mis-matched hardware that stands out like a sore thumb, no exposed motors and no need for multiple hardware boxes. Our remote control blinds are simply the most attractive solution for conservatories.

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