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Conservatory Blinds Limited

With so many websites claiming to offer conservatory blinds it is difficult to know who to trust. Here at Conservatory Blinds Limited we provide all the information you could ever need so that you can judge for yourself, without having to rely on sales blurb.

See just how different we are by browsing the detailed information that we provide about ourselves and see what hundreds of our customer have to say.

We have staff located across England, enabling us to provide expert local advice to the areas highlighted on the map here. If you are outside of our coverage area we may still be able to help in certain circumstances, please click here to contact us.

Our Team

We are not just family-owned, but also family-run by people that really care about what they do. We value good people, which is why most of our staff have been with us for many years; including some of the foremost industry experts. This means we can provide you with the very best service – from our initial advice, right through to the manufacturing and attention to detail paid at installation.

Unlike other blind companies, our installation team is made up of salaried employees, meaning they are able to spend more time on your blinds, to ensure the highest quality of installation.


Our Factory

We make all of our blinds in our own UK-based factory, which is equipped with a wide range of bespoke equipment and the latest technology to ensure that our blinds are made and tested at the best possible quality. Our research team is constantly innovating, creating new technologies to ensure that our blinds can fit as neatly as possible in a wide variety of situations.

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Peace of Mind

We aim to make sure that our customers have peace of mind across every stage of the order process, from the initial quotation right through to the after-sales service. That way our customers know that not only are they getting the best possible blinds for them, but also have the knowledge that their blinds will be safe, made with quality and are able to stay looking like new for years afterwards.

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Our History

We started business in May 1995 as just one man selling specialist blinds. Over the past nearly 25 years we have grown to become the largest family-owned conservatory blinds specialists in the country, covering nearly all of mainland England & Wales with some 60 people.

Read more about our company history and find out why we have been so successful.

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Our Innovations

We design and manufacture the actual components that go into our blinds, so we can innovate and develop them to look better, fit neater and last much longer.

You might think that ‘a blind is a blind’, but this is far from the case – as anyone who has ever bought cheap blinds for their conservatory will know. Most blinds advertised elsewhere are from Europe and were not meant for conservatories at all. That’s why we designed our own blind systems and developed several new technologies that you won’t find anywhere else.

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