• Remote Control Blinds

    pure Remote Control

    The only remote control blinds specifically designed for use in conservatories.

    Unique conservatory blinds with simultaneous and multiple-zone operation, as well as individual blind control.

  • Motorised Roof Blinds

    Motorised Roof Blinds

    Our most popular remote control roof blinds for conservatories.

    The neatest motorised roof blinds for all shapes, styles and makes of conservatories, with complete control over all blinds.

  • Full Window Control

    Full Window Control

    The only remote control window blinds for conservatories with individual operation.

    Essential and flexible control for all windows and doors, with an integrated appearance.

  • Remote Control Pleated Blinds

    RC Pleated Blinds

    Our remote control pleated blinds fit neater than any other.

    Reliable, sleek and modern with attention to detail, yet so simple to operate with just the touch of a button.

  • Remote Control Pinoleum Blinds

    RC Pinoleum Blinds

    Remote control pinoleum blinds for conservatory roofs, windows and doors.

    Our exclusive puresolo remote control for trouble-free operation of pinoleum blinds within your conservatory.

  • Simple and Convenient Remote Control Handset

    Simple and Convenient

    Our puresolo remote control handset makes life simple.

    An easy to read LED display tells you which blind(s) you are operating, whether it's a group, all your blinds, or even exactly which individual blind.

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Remote Control Blinds

Controls up to 99 Blinds
Individually and in Zones

The neatest Remote Control Conservatory Blinds in the world, available as pleated blinds, pinoleum blinds and roman blinds.
As the only true remote control conservatory blinds, our puresolo™ system offers huge benefits over traditional systems.
What makes them so different?
Being designed as conservatory blinds, rather than adapted from house blinds like other systems, our remote control system is designed to cope with more than a few blinds – in fact a single control box can operate up to 36 blinds, and with up to 3 boxes you can have 99 blinds all operating at once, in up to 9 different zones and even individually.
Covering More Glass
Unlike other roof blinds, our remote control shaped blinds have much narrower tops – in fact our pure Remote Control Blinds often have the same top apex width as other company’s manual blinds, so our blinds cover much more of the glass.
Flexible Control
Not only can you operate all of our blinds together (which can be up to 5 times quicker than other systems) but puresolo™ lets you have up to 9 zones for grouping areas together: e.g. all windows blinds, all roof vents etc. Even if you change your mind about these, we can even reprogram them at a later date – something impossible with other systems.
The final key benefit - which is only available with puresolo™ - is individual operation, letting you have all the flexibility of manual blinds with all the convenience of motorisation.
You can also stop the blinds at any point to keep them only partially open, giving you complete control over the amount of shade in your conservatory. Each blind group can be controlled in the same way, allowing you to partially open several blinds all with a press of a button.
Sleek and Attractive
There is no ugly wiring loom tucked behind the blinds, no mis-matched hardware that stands out like a sore thumb, no exposed motors and no need for multiple hardware boxes. Our remote control blinds are simply the most attractive solution for conservatories.

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