We recently fitted some blinds into a conservatory in Wiltshire, which was attached to a kitchen. The customers had some old blinds that they needed to replaced, so they got in contact to see what we would recommend.

The conservatory previously had pinoleum blinds, fitted several years ago by another company. Instead of fitting a blind into each individual panel the other company had used a doubled-up layout. Pinoleum is very hard to fit into awkward shapes, especially the kind of shapes that can be found in a conservatory roof, so the less-complex shapes of the doubled-up layout may have been the only option. Unfortunately these old pinoleum blinds had begun to sag over the years, so large gaps were now visible between the blinds.

Transforming a Conservatory with Duette® Blinds

After speaking to a member of our sales team, the customers opted to replace these old blinds with Duette® blinds. As the conservatory is attached to their kitchen, the Duette® fabric will make a lot of difference in controlling the temperature, so they will be able to keep using the kitchen without it being too cold over the winter. When it comes to spring and summer next year, the insulating properties of the Duette® fabric will keep the room cool.

Transforming a Conservatory with Duette® Blinds

We were able to fit into each individual panel of the roof. Not only does this result in an overall neater look with fewer gaps, but it means that the customer has more control over how much shade they want, as they can retract blinds over each panel one-by-one rather than several at once.

For the side windows and doors, we replaced the existing roller blinds with more Duette® blinds, this time using the child-safe LiteRise® system. This is a cord-free way of operating freehanging window blinds, making the windows completely child safe.

If you’d like to see how our blinds can transform your conservatory, arrange a quotation with a member of our sales team.