• Duette Pleated Blinds

    Duette® Pleated Blinds

    Duette® Pleated Blinds are ideal for large or very wide areas of rectangular glazing.

    The fabric construction creates an insulating layer between the blind which also conceals the cords for a neat appearance.

  • Duette<sup>®</sup> Roof Blinds

    Duette® Roof Blinds

    Duette® Pleated Roof Blinds are available for conservatories but need to specified with care.

    Shaped roof blinds can require extra intermediate rails making them harder to operate and cannot be motorised.

  • Duette<sup>®</sup> Window Blinds

    Duette® Window Blinds

    Duette® Window Blinds are the perfect solution for large areas or very long blinds.

    The unique honeycomb fabric construction conceals the cords running through the blinds so there are no visible holes.

  • Horizontal Blinds

    Horizontal Blinds

    Duette® Blinds are ideal for horizontal lantern roof blinds, as they are suited to the large rectangular shape.

    Horizontal lantern blinds are a neat way to cover the space and help control temperatures with a minimal amount of blinds.

  • Duette<sup>®</sup> Fabrics

    Duette® Fabrics

    Compare Duette® Fabrics to other pleated fabrics and you will see the difference.

    The unique cellular honeycomb construction traps air and acts as a highly effective insulating layer, to help keep you warmer in the winter.

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Duette® Blinds

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Duette® Pleated Blinds provide a degree of extra insulation thanks to their unique cellular honeycomb construction, available with translucent, opaque or full blackout fabrics.

The unique design of Duette® Blinds provide an alternative appearance and performance to standard Pleated Blinds.

Duette® Blinds are available with translucent, opaque and Dim-Out options, depending upon your needs. The fabrics filter the sun, rather than reflect it.

Because of its construction, Duette® very much lends itself to very large rectangular blinds. Shaped blinds are certainly possible, but irregular shapes require extra rails to fitted within the blinds because the fabric is quite soft and ‘springy’, which means that shaped blinds can normally not be motorised.

The main benefit of Duette® window blinds is that the cords are concealed within the fabric, so there are no visible holes. Side blinds can be tensioned and recess-fitted if there is enough space but, as this is not always possible in UPVC conservatories, Duette® window blinds are normally freehanging in front of the window handles; operated by a cordlock.

We also offer the "safe by design" options of either LiteRise® Pleated Blinds, or SmartCord Duette® Blinds, which have been designed to be totally child safe.

The exact type of glazing on the roof may also be an issue but, as there is no solar reflective coating Duette® won’t damage your glass. As the fabric works by mainly absorbing the heat, it is not always suited to extremely hot areas with high levels of UV transmission.

Other considerations are that, whilst standard opaque Duette® is washable, the cellular structure can trap insect debris, making it less practical in some conservatories.

For more information on Duette® Blinds, contact us for a free quotation.

Duette®, LiteRise® and SmartCord® are registered trademarks of Hunter Douglas BV

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Hello team at Conservatory Blinds Limited,

From the beginning of our search for 'the right blinds', the concise clear presentation of choice in your brochure through to the actual installation confirmed our belief in the professionalism of your company.

Craig clearly explained the product choices, practicalities and costs from which we selected the pleated blind fabric.

We were impressed by his knowledge of the blinds and his thorough implementation from measurement to installation... a superb result for us and thank you to Craig and to the manufacturers of the blinds.

Conservatory Blinds will definitely be recommended!


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