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Conservatory Blinds

We have over 20 years of experience making conservatory blinds, orangeries and garden rooms, and we’ve even developed our own unique range of pure Blinds specifically for conservatories. We can neatly fit blinds into the complex shapes that can be found throughout a conservatory, so they have the best possible fit.

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Pleated Conservatory Blinds

Our exclusive pure™ Pleated Blinds use Solar Design™ fabrics that are designed to control heat and glare without making a room too dark. They are also easy to maintain, as they can be easily removed and refitted without the need for expert help.

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Duette® Conservatory Blinds

Duette® Pleated Blinds are ideal for those looking to control the temperature in a room.

The unique cellular honeycomb construction traps air and acts as a highly effective insulating layer, to help keep you cooler in summer and warmer in the winter. Thanks to our expertise with conservatory blinds, we are able to create blinds with the Duette® fabric that can still neatly fit into awkward shapes.

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Pinoleum Conservatory Blinds

Ideal for timber conservatories, our pure™ Pinoleum blinds retain the light and airy atmosphere of your conservatory, creating a dappled shade that reduces glare.

They are available in a wide range of styles and shades, including Farrow & Ball® colours.

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<strong>View our</strong> Price Guides

View our Price Guides

Helpful guides to all conservatory blinds prices based on popular shapes and sizes. Select the conservatory most similar to yours for a guide to the likely range of costs.

Conservatory Roof Blinds

We designed our entire pure™ blind system and make the components, so ours are the only conservatory roof blinds specifically designed for the unique way that we build and use conservatories in the UK. Our conservatory roof blinds are designed to reduce heat, cold, UV and glare without darkening your conservatory.

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Shaped Conservatory Blinds

Our unique shaped blinds have a style and fit all of their own. Our pure™ shaped blinds cover the glass without the wide tops and extra rails needed on so many other blinds. It doesn’t matter how odd shaped your glazing is, our shaped blinds fit beautifully – and they stay in shape too, even after being operated.

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Perfect Fit Conservatory Blinds

Perfect Fit Blind Frames do not require any screwing or drilling into your windows, making them ideal for DIY blinds. The frames have a semi-recess fit in UPVC windows – just push the clips between the gasket and glass. Perfect Fit Blinds offer a cheap solution to the look of individual window blinds as they are easy to measure and fit without expert knowledge or experience.

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Remote Control & Motorisation

Easily add motorised blinds with single or multiple remote controls to your Conservatory Blinds installation. Our puresolo™ motorised blinds need just one cable, and it is completely concealed within the blinds. Our remote control system will operate all of your conservatory blinds together, in 9 different zones, or even 99 individual blinds, from one easy to use handset.

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