One of the most important parts of getting blinds for an area like an conservatory is know what parts of the room need shading, and what parts you would like to keep free of blinds.

As you can see from these photos, this was the case with a recent customer in Somerset, who had our pure™ Pleated Blinds fitted into the entire roof of their conservatory, but only part of the side. They had blinds only on the side where the majority of the sun enters the room, so they were able to reduce heat and glare while still keeping the wonderful view of the countryside.

Since the majority of heat and light from the sun enters a conservatory through the roof, we generally recommend roof blinds for anyone looking to make the room more comfortable. Depending on the way the conservatory faces, side blinds would be needed to make sure that the sunlight is still shaded when the sun is lower in the sky – something that's especially important during the autumn and winter when the days are shorter.

Pure Pleated Roof and Window Blinds

You can see just by looking at the blinds on the sunny side of this conservatory just how much light there can be, and how the blinds are able to effectively shade the entire room, but keeping it a bright and usable room.

Every conservatory is different, which means that where you should and should not have blinds will differ for everyone. If you arrange a free quotation with a member of our sales team they will be able to give you expert advice on what blinds would be needed to make the room more comfortable throughout the sunniest parts of the year.