A recent customer in Surrey was looking to revamp their conservatory; giving it a new colour scheme and – most importantly – replacing the old blinds that had been there for some time. They had originally had old wooden Pinoleum blinds on the roof and windows, which was in keeping with the traditional look of the conservatory. As part of the refurbishment they were looking to repaint the entire room, and so would need blinds to match. For the revamp of their conservatory they needed new pinoleum blinds that would fit in with their new colour scheme.

The customers had originally enquired with another blind company before contacting us. However the sales technique and high prices this company offered did not impress them; so they went looking for another company who could provide what they want – and found us.

Pinoleum blinds are extremely hard to do right, which is why so few companies offer them any more. It takes a lot of expertise to make them properly, especially when making them in complex shapes. We have years of experience with Pinoleum blinds; so were able to make blinds that had a much neater fit than the previous ones.

One of the first things you notice when you compare our blinds with the old blinds is the size of the gaps between each blind. The old pinoleum blinds were larger, and used classic-style wooden rails that had to be fitted on the rafters of the conservatory. This meant that they were not able to fit into each window pane individually; instead covering multiple panes of glass with a single blind. We fitted our purePinoleum blinds next to each pane of glass, for smaller gaps and a neater look.

What makes this all the more impressive is that all of the roof blinds are motorised. In a lot of cases, the motorised rail would be too big to neatly fit into the recess of the roof; one of the reasons why the old blinds had to be mounted on to the rafters. Our own puresolo™ Remote Control system has a motorised rail that is small enough to be recessed fitted – so you don’t have to compromise the look of the blinds for ease of use.

Pinoleum Blinds Before and After

Part of the revamp the customers were doing to their conservatory involved changing the colour scheme. It was important to them that their new blinds fit in with that décor. The customer opted for English Pinoleum, which comes in the full range of Farrow & Ball® colours. In this case, they opted for the colour “Skylight”, which complimented the new colour scheme of the room.

This just goes to show how much difference blinds from actual experts can make; even when comparing the same style of blinds. By replacing their old pinoleum blinds with our purePinoleum blinds, these customers not only have blinds that fit their new colour scheme, but also look better, fit better and will last longer. This gave their conservatory a new lease of life, allowing it to look like new for years to come.

If you’d like to revamp your conservatory, arrange a quotation with a member of our sales team. They’ll be able to go through the various options with you, and will be able to give recommendations for the best fabrics to use if, like this customer, you are changing the décor of the room.