We recently fitted our blinds into a large bespoke timber conservatory in Oxfordshire. We were contacted by the owners earlier in the year, who were having problems using the room. As with any room with a lot of glazing, the customers were finding they were having problems with privacy and glare. They knew they needed blinds to help solve the problem, and were looking for something that would be both discreet and would fit in with the contemporary style of the room.

After speaking with a member of our sales team, we recommended using a Duette® fabric across the entire room. However, because the conservatory contained so many different areas of glazing, we would have to employ a wide range of different techniques to fit the blinds.

Duette Gable Blinds

One of the main problem areas was the gable. They needed a solution that would neatly cover the space while still looking discreet when not in use. Our unique pureaspect™ Gable Blinds were the perfect option, as they were able to cover the entire gable with just two blinds and can retract away neatly. The gable blinds were battery powered so they could be remotely operated without needing mains power.

Below the gable blinds were a set of three bi-fold doors. Using our recessed blinds, we were able to neatly fit folding door blinds into each panel of the door. This means that the doors can still be operated while the blinds are still in use, without getting in the way of the doors.

Duette Conservatory Blinds

For the shaped window next to the folding door blinds, we used another pureaspect™ gable blind. However this blind was designed to extend down below the triangular shape at the bottom and cover the entire window. Because this type of blind has to be free-hanging, we used the child-safe SmartCord® system to operate the blind.

Duette Window Blinds

The rest of the large window blinds were fitted with a floating rail, which allows the blinds to be operated both from the bottom up and the top down. This gives the customers complete control over where they want their blinds to be, allowing them to adjust their shading to precisely where it needs to be.

One of the most important things for the customers was consistency. We used several different blind types across this conservatory, including battery-powered gable blinds, a free-hanging SmartCord® blind and large tensioned side blinds, and the customers wanted to make sure that all the blinds looked the same across the entire room.

Duette Door and Window Blinds

For example, the above photo actually features two different blind types. The blind on the left is a standard Duette® window blind, whereas the blind on the right is a Tru-Fit blind. But without knowing the exact differences between the two systems, it is hard to tell the difference between the two. We were able to provide this consistency as every single blind we made, regardless of it’s operating mechanism, is made at our own UK-based factory. That means that we can ensure that they all use the same fabric from the exact same dye batch, so all the fabric matches. It also means that we can powder-coat all of the components of the blinds to the same colour, so the blinds not only match each other but also fit in with the colour of the conservatory frame.

This level of attention to detail across an entire conservatory is only possible with a company that are true specialists with these types of blinds. With our years of experience, we were able to provide solutions to all the tricky areas in this conservatory, in many cases using technology we have developed ourselves. If you’d like to have the same level of quality throughout your conservatory, orangery or extension – arrange a quotation from a member of our sales team.