Vision & Duette Conservatory Blinds

With a stylish conservatory such as this one, it’s important to ensure that the blinds don’t look out of place and that they both fit in with and enhance the existing décor. To this end, we suggested the light “Ivory” Duette® fabric, as it would be an excellent match with the frame of the conservatory, especially when paired with the white blind rails.

When it came to the Vision blind, we were able to add a touch of colour that complimented the existing colour scheme of the room. Using the “Biscuit” colour Vision fabric we were able to have the blind work alongside the colours of the furniture and décor. This is especially important with Vision blinds, as the amount of colour you see will vary depending on what position you have the blinds set.

Vision and Duette Conservatory Blinds

Duette® roof blinds were suggested for their insulation properties, as their honeycomb structure makes them excellent at controlling heat. The structure of the fabric creates an insulating layer of air in the actual blind itself, which helps keep out the heat during the summer, as well as keeping it in during the winter. The Duette® fabric excels when used in large rectangular space, making the roof of this gable-end conservatory the ideal space for them.

Duette® fabrics were also used for the side and door blinds, shown here retracted. Because we are able to fit the Duette® fabrics using our own exclusive pure™ rails they are able to be recess fitted into the frame next to the glass, resulting in a much smaller gap around the edges, and a neater look when the blinds are retracted.

Duette Gable Blind

As this is a gable-end conservatory, we recommended our own pureaspect™ Gable Blinds as the best and neatest way to fit blinds into the triangular shape. Designed and manufactured by our own team at our factory in Ashford, Kent, the pureaspect™ blinds can cover the entire gable area with just two blinds while having no visible cords, wires or cleats when the blinds are retracted.

When used with the Duette® fabric, these gable blinds provide excellent heat insulation and will reduce glare from sunlight coming through the gable.


Vision Window Blind

The customers opted to have the roof, gable and vision blinds as motorised blinds rather than manual, which required the use of two different motorisation systems. The roof and gable blinds are all controlled by our unique puresolo™ system, which allows the customer to control everything from a single handset. This includes operating the blinds simultaneously, in groups or even individually for maximum control.

The Vision blinds use a battery powered motorisation system, allowing the blinds to be used without any need for mains power. As part of the level of attention to detail we give throughout all parts of the process, we made sure to specify that the charging ports for each Vision blind were at the furthest end of each rail, both so that it has a neater look and so that we could fit the blinds closer together.