When it came to the blinds for the lantern roof, the customers decided to have blinds that were recess fitted next to the glass rather than having blinds move horizontally across the bottom. The benefits of this style of fitting are that it keeps the extra space the roof lantern provides, while also looking more natural when all the blinds are retracted.

The roof had several openable vents, and we were able to recess fit the blinds inside those vent windows so they can still be used with the blinds.

Because we specialise in making and fitting these types of shaped blinds, we were able to neatly fit the pinoleum right up to the edges of the frame, even around the central boss, for the neatest possible look.

Since the orangery is used as a dining room, making sure the blinds were all totally child safe was extremely important. The window blinds were fitted with the child-safe SmartCord® system, that allows the blinds to be easily operated with a cord that retracts away to a safe length.