pure Pleated Conservatory Blinds

As with any large area of glazing, the conservatory constantly suffered from problems with glare and heat build-up. Although the conservatory had a wonderful bright and airy feel, it could quickly become uncomfortable to use on sunny days.

We suggested our own range of motorised purePleated blinds, a unique blind system that we developed for a neater fit into both regular and more complex shapes. To compliment the colour scheme of the room, we recommended the Buttermilk Crush solar reflective fabric and Parchment coloured rails so that the blinds felt like a natural part of the room instead of an afterthought.

pure Pleated Conservatory Blinds

The design of the roof required several different types of shaped roof blind to create a neat look. Because of the wide range of shapes that can be found in the roof of a conservatory, our pure™ Conservatory Blinds can be made into a wide variety of shapes with minimal use of fixed infill blinds or interim rails.

This is especially notable here as all of these shaped blinds are motorised. The motorised rail we have developed to use with our pure™ Remote Control systems is designed to have a minimal profile, making the blinds themselves as neat as possible. It also means that the blinds will be less noticeable when they are retracted.


pure Pleated Folding Door Blinds

One of the main features of the side of the conservatory is the set of bi-folding doors. Bi-folding doors are popular in large conservatories like this as they allow you to open up the side of a room and create a cool and airy space during the warm summer months. However, they do still require an elegant shading solution; one that – crucially – does not interfere with the operation of the doors

Our pure™ Pleated Blinds are designed to do exactly this. Because of the way they can be recess fitted into the actual frame of each door panel, they can fit neatly next to the glass. This means that the doors can be fully opened with the blinds either extended or retracted, giving the customers increased insulation and privacy with no restrictions on how the doors can be used.

puresolo Remote Control Blinds

Because of the height of the conservatory roof, and the large amount of blinds involves, we recommended that the best way to operate the blinds would be by using our pure™ Remote Control systems. In this case, the puresolo™ system was used, which allows for control of up to 99 blinds from a single handset.

All 20 roof blinds are motorised here, meaning they can be easily controlled with just a touch of a button. As well as being able to control the blinds simultaneously or in pre-programmed groups the puresolo™ system has the unique extra feature of individual operation. Every motorised blind here can be controlled on its own – something that is actually not possible with most other major motorised blind systems.