Roof Blinds

There were several challenges that we had to overcome to make sure the blinds had the look the customers wanted – fitting neatly into the roof and windows, and working around any obstructions.

For the lantern roof of the orangery the customers opted to have an individual layout for their blinds, meaning that we fitted a blind against each separate pane of glass. Because of the way we fit Duette® blinds we were able to neatly fit each blind next to the glass, with the lip of the lantern roof allowing us to fit the base of each blind out of sight, for a neater look. We left a small amount of room to account for any expansion in the wood over time, ensuring that the blinds keep their neat look and smooth operation over the lifetime of the orangery.


The final challenging areas of this orangery were where we had to fit our blinds behind parts of the wooden frame. There was just enough space for us to recess fit the Duette® blinds behind the obstructions of the frame, and still allow enough space for easy operation of the blinds. Had the customers opted for a blind system that did not allow this type of fitting, the entire blind would have to be fitted in front of the wooden frame, resulting in large gaps on either side.

Overall, these blinds are an excellent showcase for the areas where our keen eye for detail really pays off. A lot of conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms have tricky areas like this orangery did, and these photos show how important it is to use a company that are true experts in these types of blinds if you want to have blinds that look like a natural part of the room and the neatest possible look.