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Why do our remote control blinds stand out?

Why do our remote control blinds stand out?

Our remote control blinds are designed specifically for conservatories, rather than being adapted from standard house blinds. Our motorised blinds system is designed to cope with more than a few blinds – in fact a single control box can operate up to 36 blinds, and with up to 3 boxes you can have 99 blinds all operating at once, in up to 9 different zones and even individually.

Compare Remote Control blinds Features

We have different remote control options based around the amount of blinds that need motorisation. Take a look through the different options to see which would be best for you:

Range Max number of blinds Max Number of Zones Operation Details
99 9 Individual, Group & Simultaneous Most flexible option. Ideal for large conservatories with complex blind arrangements
  36 2 Group & Simultaneous Ideal for typical conservatories or large glazed roofs, where no individuals operation is required
  36 pleated or 24 pinoleum 9 Individual (up to 18 blinds), Group & Simultaneous All of the advantages of pureduo2™ and puresolo™. Control up to 18 blinds individually, plus 18 more in a group.
  6 1 Simultaneous Ideal for very small conservatories, and for use with our pureaspect™ Gable Blinds
  24 1 Sequential Alternative range with less flexibility than the pure™ Remote Control systems. Ideal for medium sized conservatories.


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