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Duette® Fabrics

Duette® Fabrics

We use the Duette® Pleated fabrics for our horizontal lantern blinds, as they are ideal for those looking to control the temperature in a room.

The unique cellular honeycomb construction traps air and acts as a highly effective insulating layer, to help keep you cooler in summer and warmer in the winter.

Roller Lantern Roof Blinds

Roller Lantern Roof Blinds

Our Roller Lantern Roof Blinds are a neat way to cover a roof without having visible wires across the gap. Suitable for a wide range of lantern roof sizes, our horizontal roller blinds use a ‘zip’-like system to move across the space without any support wires.

Roller Lantern Roof Blinds are available with a range of remote control options, including full integration with our Smart Blind systems.

Wire Free

Wire Free

All of our roller lantern roof blinds are totally wire-free, so there is nothing showing when the blind is retracted. Depending on the width of the lantern roof, we are also able to fit Duette® horizontal blinds that do not need any wires going across the gap.

These wire-free blinds run along a neat frame that is fitted around the base of the lantern, allowing for a neater look when the blinds are retracted.

Remote Control & Motorisation

Control your lantern roof blinds with the touch of a button with our motorisation options. Our horizontal blinds are able to be controlled both through our pure™ remote control systems, or by a battery-powered motorisation system, with optional solar charging.

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