A set of sliding doors can be one of the trickiest parts of a conservatory to find blinds for, as you need to find a solution that both works with the operation of the doors, but is high enough in performance that the blinds will still reduce heat and glare and make the room more comfortable.

This was a bigger problem for some recent customers in Devon, who not only had a set of sliding doors but the doors themselves were wider than is normally found, meaning that they were having a lot of difficulty finding a company that could provide blinds that would fit and work neatly. Luckily, we were able to help.

When we fit blinds to a set of sliding doors, we fit the blind that goes in front of the non-moving part of the door slightly away from the glass, using a bracket to hold the fabric out in front. This is so there is enough space between the blind and the door to allow the other, moving, part of the door to slide behind it. This blind has to be free-hanging, so we used the child-safe SmartCord® system to ensure easy operation while still having no dangerous looped cords. Because we are able to recess fit our blinds into the actual frame of the moving part of the door, it’s able to easily move behind the blind without getting in the way.

Thanks to our years of experience making and fitting unusually shaped blinds for conservatories, we were still able to use this technique with blinds that were wider than normal door blinds – in this case each blind was over a meter wide on each side. We used our own pure™ Pleated Blinds, as they are able to give the neatest possible fit when recessed into a window, and also retract away to a small stack when not in use – even when the blind goes from ceiling to floor as these door blinds do.

To complement the door blinds, and to give total control over the temperature in the room, we fitted the rest of the conservatory with pure™ Pleated Blinds. The customers opted to have a darker colour fabric – Crush Oyster – for the sides and doors, and a lighter colour – Crush Taupe – for the roof.

The customers were so happy with their blinds and our service, that they then later left a wonderful review on our website:

“We are very pleased with our pleated blinds fitted in conservatory windows and roof in North Devon by Craig.

In particular the following:

1. Craig sells, surveys and fits the product so one point of contact.

2. Quotes from two other companies, one local and one national, stated they could not fit to our wide (1.5m) sliding doors. Craig had no problem with this and the solution to this matter looks and works very well.

3. Overall customer service and communication was without fault. Quality of the product seems lovely and large variety designs allowed us to pick exactly what we wanted.

Big thank you to Craig and I look forward to using you again in the near future.”

It’s the slightly unusual situations like this that we pride ourselves on, as we have the expertise and bespoke manufacturing capabilities that allow us to find some sort of solution that other companies cannot.

If you have a conservatory with awkward shapes, or any large area of glazing that needs a more bespoke and expert touch; arrange a quotation with a member of our sales team and see what we can do for you.