A customer from Prescot in Merseyside recently sent in a review commenting on not only why they originally decided to use our company for their conservatory blinds, but also how happy they have been since the blinds were fitted. We fitted their blinds at the start of the year, but they only sent in the review recently after having had the blinds for several months – including during the recent heatwaves:

“We had our blinds fitted in the conservatory in January 18. We had signed up with another company but I had seen Conservatory Blinds Limited online and decided to give them a call, the reason I hadn’t previously called was the company is based in the South and I live on Merseyside but I was assured that this wasn’t a problem and arranged an appointment.

I got 17 Duette blinds for less than half the cost quoted by the other company, so we cancelled the order and rebooked with this company. The staff are great, friendly and honest. I had wanted the blinds fitted for Christmas but they were up front with us, didn’t make half promises but made it clear that fitting would be January.

The blinds are great, easy to clean, easy to use and look amazing, so much so the company who built the conservatory are using a picture to show clients how their conservatory could look. Even after sales care is great, we had to replace a unit and both the rep and fitter responded to my request for advice the same day.

This is a really good company, so much so I will be ordering blinds from them once we have had the house windows replaced.”

Despite the fact that our blinds are made in our factory in Ashford, Kent, and that our Head Office is in Surrey, we are actually able to cover a large percentage of England. This is only thanks to the fact that we have locally based sales people and fitters across different areas of the country, so that we don’t have to send out someone from far away in order to quote or install blinds, and you know that you’re always speaking to someone from your part of the country.

The other main thing this review highlights is the importance of shopping around for a good price. A lot of companies will push you into signing a contract on the same day as the quotation, under the premise of giving you a ‘limited time’ discount if you sign then. This is really aimed at making sure that you only have a limited time (usually a 14-day ‘cooling off’ period) to look for other quotes that may be lower than theirs. In the case of this customer, they kept looking for what they thought was a better price, and managed to find that we were able to provide that for them with enough time for them to cancel their order with the other company.

So if you are within our service area and are looking for either a first quote or a comparison quote, arrange a quotation with a locally-based member of our sales team and see how competitive our prices can be.