The self-build industry in the UK is beginning to grow, as a result gable end windows are becoming a very popular feature in many homes. Self-building a property allows customers to be imaginative with their designs to create their dream home. Typically, gable end windows feature as part of complete glass wall; normally above bi-folding or sliding doors. A main advantage of gable end windows is they allow natural light to flood into the house. This then helps to brighten up the room.

However, covering gable end windows can be tricky. This is mainly due to their awkward shapes and positioning being very high up. As a specialist blinds company, we often get asked what are the best blinds for gable end windows?

Thanks, to our years of experience with conservatory blinds, we were able to apply our knowledge to create our market leading pureaspectgable blind system.

pureaspect™ Gable Blind System

The pureaspect™ gable system allows for blinds to neatly cover a wide range of gable shapes, this even includes a blind that can cover the gable and then extend down to cover the windows below.  Additionally, the system allows for the blinds to retract away neatly so when not in use they virtually disappear. Our gable blinds are available in several methods of operation, this includes:

  • Remote Control
  • Battery Powered
  • Home automation
  • And manual Options

We recommend three different blind fabrics, which work the best for gable end windows:

Pleated Gable Blinds

pure™ pleated gable blinds are ideal for tackling awkward and unusual shaped gables. This is because, they can neatly fit into almost any shaped window with very minimal gaps.  Their Solar Design™ fabrics can help to reduce temperatures within the summer months while still keeping the room light. Many customers worry whether the blinds will match the décor of the room. But, our pure™ pleated gable blinds are available in a wide range of fabrics!

Shaped Pleated Gable Blinds


Duette® Gable Blinds

Duette® gable blinds are a very popular choice for many of our customers. They help to add an alternative but modern style to a room while still being a practical option. Similar to our pure™ pleated blinds, they are excellent at reducing heat build up as well as offering insulation in the colder months. Many customers also worry about the lack of privacy after having their gable end windows installed. But, our bespoke Duette® pleated blinds can hackle this problem head on by providing total privacy to the room.

Pinoleum Gable Blinds

Pinoleum gable blinds are a very unique product which many other blind companies do not offer to their customers. Luckily, thanks to our extensive knowledge in conservatory blinds products we are able to fit blinds for gables in a pinoleum fabric. The pinoleum fabric offers a traditional feel to the room – making them perfect for timber-framed extensions or conservatories. Due to the nature of the pinoleum weave, in some cases pinoleum gable blinds may have to be part-operational or fixed.

Pinoleum Gable Blinds | Triangular blinds


If you’re looking for the best way to cover a gable or apex window, arrange a free quotation today.