Earlier this week we fitted blinds for a customer in Surrey who needed to make a major change to their conservatory.  They were finding that they never used the room as it was constantly getting too warm throughout the day, even though they had large sail blinds fitted into the roof. While sail blinds can be a cheaper alternative to made-to-measure blinds, they do not provide the same level of temperature control – as this customer had realised. Alongside that, the sail blinds were not able to fit in with the existing décor of the room and, as you can see in the photos, looked like an afterthought.

Duette Blinds Compared With Sail Blinds

After speaking with a member of our sales team, the customers opted for Duette® thermal blinds across the whole conservatory: the roof, the gable-end and the sides, which included both folding doors and sliding doors. This meant that we had to use a lot of different blind types in a single conservatory, and as the photos show, the differences our blinds were able to make to the room were dramatic.

Comparison of Sail Blinds and Made to Measure Duette Blinds

Instead of the sail blinds, we were able to fit Duette® fabric blinds into each panel of the roof. Not only does this give a much neater look, but it makes them a lot more effective at reducing heat. The honeycomb structure of the Duette® fabric itself is designed to create an insulating layer that helps reduce heat transmission, but the fact that we are able to neatly cover all of the glass with only minimal gaps means there’s a lot less exposed glass letting in heat and glare.

Duette Gable Blinds

Alongside the roof blinds, we were also able to cover the gable-end of the conservatory using our own pureaspect™ gable blinds. These blinds have been specifically designed to cover this type of triangular window with only a small amount of blinds – in this case we’re able to easily cover the area with just two. These blinds will also retract away neatly, so they have as small a profile as possible when not in use. Both the roof and gable blinds were fitted using our pureduo2™ Remote Control system, which allows the customer to control their blinds using a single handset.

Duette Side Blinds on Folding Doors

For the side blinds we used a combination of different techniques. The blinds for the folding doors use our own unique pureblind rail to fit a blind into each individual panel of the doors. That way, the doors can still be opened when the blinds are extended, and the blinds don’t get in the way of the doors at all. For the sliding doors at the front of the conservatory, we fitted free-hanging blinds in front of the doors using the SmartCord® system. SmartCord® is not only a easy and neat way to have free-hanging blinds in a conservatory, but it is also designed to be totally child safe.

Custom Coloured Blind Rails and Components

It was important to the customer that their new blinds matched the décor of their conservatory and the colour of it’s aluminium frame. This level of attention to detail is something we specialise in, as we have a range of 12 different rail colours available as standard, with the ability to custom-colour blind rails and components at an extra cost using our own power coating facilities. We were able to use one of our 12 standard colours to make the rails and components of the blinds fit in with the colour of the conservatory’s fame, so the blinds look like a natural part of the conservatory – as if they’ve always been there. Even though this conservatory used several different types of blinds, we were still able to colour all of the different components to match each other, as everything is made in our own factory in Ashford, Kent.

The customers were so happy with their blinds that even though we only fitted them earlier this week, they have already left a review on our Checkatrade page, with full marks for tidiness, courtesy, workmanship and reliability & timekeeping:

“The quality of the work was exceptional, we are really pleased with the work that was completed in our conservatory.”

This installation is a great example not only of some of the different blind types we can sell, but also how our attention to detail really makes the difference between blinds that look like an afterthought and blinds that look like a proper part of the room. If you’d like to see how we can transform your conservatory, arrange a quotation with a member of our sales team.