Pinoleum Blinds Fitted Within a Timber Conservatory

If you have a timber conservatory or orangery, it can be difficult to find blinds that actually keep with the décor and feel of the room, as most blinds are suited for the look of a white UPVC conservatory rather than the natural look of timber.

This is why a lot of people with timber conservatories tend to go for our pure™ Pinoleum Blinds, as they offer a natural wooden look while also being effective at reducing glare and increasing privacy throughout the year. Alongside the natural look of the pinoleum weave, we are also able to go the extra mile and make sure that every part of the blind also fits in with the look of the conservatory: from the fit of the roof blinds to the colour of the non-wooden components.

When choosing the colour of the pinoleum weave, the customers opted for the Farrow & Ball® colour "Hardwick White", which fit in nicely with the timber frame of the conservatory. As you can see from the photos, the blinds look like a proper part of the décor, instead of an addition after-the-fact.

 Pinoleum Blinds Fitted Within a Timber Conservatory 

When it came to the fit of the roof blinds, we were able to neatly fit the pinoleum blinds into the various shapes with minimal gaps left over. We were only able to fit the blinds this neatly thanks to our years of experience with making and fitting pinoleum blinds; a product that fewer and fewer companies are offering due to its complexity – especially in the roof of a conservatory.

Despite the fact that our blinds use an aluminium blind rail, we were still able to make them fit in with the timber of the conservatory thanks to our custom coloured blind rails. The colour of these rails is 'Porcini', which is one of our 10 standard rail colours; this meant that the blinds were able to feel like a natural part of the conservatory at no extra cost to the customers.

Overall we were able to add blinds to the conservatory that looked like they had always been there, while at the same time making the room a more comfortable space throughout the year, especially with the sunny weather just round the corner.