• Pleated Door Blinds

    Folding Door Blinds

    These pure™ Pleated Blinds have been recess fitted to each part of the door, so that they do not get in the way of the door's operation

    The pure™ Pleated Blinds are also completely washable, so are safe even if they are caught in a light rain shower.

  • Duette<sup>®</sup> Door Blinds

    Duette® Door Blinds

    Duette® Blinds are ideal for folding doors, as they are able to be recessed fitted into the door frames, and are excellent at reducing heat and light coming into a room.

    They can even use blackout fabrics to totally stop light from coming through the doors.

  • Increased Privacy

    Increased Privacy

    Privacy can be a major concern with a set of folding doors, especially during the darker months.

    With blinds neatly fitted into each panel of the doors, you can just extend them and use your conservatory in privacy.

  • Free-Hanging Blind

    Free-Hanging Blind

    This one large Duette® blind has been fitted in front of a set of doors, free hanging rather than fitted to the actual doors themselves.

    This gives the flexibility to have the doors open while the blinds are still stopping the light from entering the room.

  • Recess Fitted Blinds

    Recess Fitted Blinds

    Depending on your doors, we can recess fit blinds directly into the frame.

    Thanks to the neat profile of our blinds, you can still use the doors as normal, with no obstruction by the blinds.

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Folding Door Blinds

Folding door blinds can reduce heat and glare in a room while still letting you fold your doors back.

Many people with folding doors choose to fit blinds to them, increasing the shade and privacy of the room while still keeping the flexibility of being able to completely fold the doors back.

We can provide the perfect solution for all of the major door manufacturers, including Origin folding doors, Kloeber folding doors, Duration folding doors and Sunflex bi-fold doors, as well as timber door manufacturers, such as Vufold, and all of the UPVC external folding doors that you can imagine, such as Anglian, Everest, Swish and Eurocell.

What blinds do I need?

The most popular types of blinds for folding doors are Duette®, Pleated, Roller and Pinoleum. We do not recommend using any blinds in a Perfect Fit frame in bi-fold doors. The frame will often cause obstruction issues with parts of the doors such as any locks and handles, and may even stop the doors from folding back properly.

There are a number of key points to consider before being able to decide on the right type of blinds for any external folding doors. Click on each point to read more:

Do you have Aluminium, UPVC or Timber doors?

The type of doors you have - Aluminium, Timber or UPVC - can affect exactly what type of blinds you should have, and how they can be fitted. Some blinds can be recess-fitted up to the glass, so that the blinds are behind the handle. However some doors can only have blinds fitted in front of the door frame, so that the blinds hang in front of the handles.

The way that your doors retract and how closely they stack together also influences what type of blinds would look best with the doors.

Aluminium Doors
Aluminium Doors
Timber Doors
Timber Doors
UPVC Doors
UPVC Doors

Do your doors fold back into your room or stack externally?

Free Hanging

Most folding doors fold back externally, so this allows the option for blinds to be fitted internally above the frame, safe in the knowledge that the doors will never clash with the blinds. Doors that fold internally can interfere with the operation of blinds fitted above the frame.

Recess Fitted

Irrespective of whether your doors fold back inside or outside, if you have suitable glazing beads, pure™ pleated blinds can be recess-fitted to each door (just covering the glass) which will not be in the way when the doors are retracted. They are also completely washable, so are safe even if they are caught in a light rain shower.

What is the main reason for wanting blinds on your folding doors?

There are five main reasons people consider folding door blinds: Privacy, Light Control, Insulation, Sound Absorption and Appearance.

While it is common for people to only think of light control and privacy, you will often find that the other factors listed are just as important after you have had the correct blinds installed.

Because even the best glass is a poor insulator, you will probably find that extra heat insulation is extremely important, as well as wanting a soft fabric to reduce the echo effect from having such large areas of glass.

Pleated Door Blinds

Do you want to use your blinds when the doors are open?

Roller Door Blinds
Freehanging Roller Blinds

If you want to blinds to create shade even when your doors are retracted open, they will need to be installed above or in front of the doors, so will need to be free hanging.

Bear in mind that the free hanging blinds will sway in the wind when the doors are open and need to be operated easily. Child Safety Regulations mean that you cannot have hanging cords without them being tied off to a cleat, and cleats are often not possible if you have more than 2 blinds per door set.

Recessed blinds are fitted to the doors themselves, so do not create shade when the doors are open.

Do you mainly use just one door with the others left closed?

If you tend to use one main door of your bi-fold doors, then you will want at least one blind that can be easily and quickly operated, and not take up too much space when it is not in use.

If this is the case, consider whether you will want the other doors covered by wider blinds, or the same width blind as the main door? This decision will often push you towards a specific blind type, as well as start to dictate the costs.

Door Blinds Open

Do your door handles project out a long way?

Most folding door installations are not in a conservatory and so have a large enough space above the doors to allow blinds to be fitted in front of the door handles.

If you are intending to have the blinds fitted to the wall above the doors you can ask your builder to create a false bulkhead for the blind to retract into and be concealed. If this is something you are thinking of doing, you will need to know which blind type you would like, as this will affect the size needed to conceal the blinds.

If you want your blinds to go behind the door handles, then they will have to be recess fitted to each individual door.

Recessed Blinds Close

All of these factors can affect what type of blinds are best for your folding doors - the best way to get accurate advice would be to arrange a quotation from a member of our sales team.

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