• Perfect Fit Blinds

    Perfect Fit Blinds

    Perfect Fit Blind Frames do not require any screwing or drilling into your windows, making them ideal for DIY blinds.

    The frames have a semi-recess fit in UPVC windows. Just push the clips between the gasket and glass.

  • Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds

    Perfect Fit Pleated

    Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds offer a cheap solution to the look of individual window blinds.

    Easy to measure and fit without expert knowledge or experience, the frames require no drilling or screwing if you have internally beaded UPVC windows.

  • Perfect Fit DIY Blinds

    Perfect Fit DIY Blinds

    Perfect Fit Blinds are ideal for DIY because they are so easy to measure and fit.

    Just measure the glass size and depth of beading. Assemble your blinds then push the steel clips between the glass and the neoprene window gasket, leaving you to just mount the frame.

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Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit Blinds provide an excellent solution for cheap window blinds in UPVC conservatories, and are particularly suited to DIY installation.

Perfect Fit Blinds are a range of pleated, venetian and roller blinds mounted within a Perfect Fit frame that can then be push-fitted between the glass and neoprene gaskets of UPVC windows without the need for drilling or screwing.

It is just the frame that makes it "Perfect Fit" and not the blinds. When we fit pleated blinds into a Perfect Fit frame, we will use Classic Pleated Blinds, where price is the most important factor.

The main advantage of Perfect Fit is the simplicity of measuring and fitting – see our Perfect Fit video. If you have a suitable conservatory, virtually anyone can fit these blinds, which is why you see so many web sites offering them. 

Perfect Fit Blinds are an excellent DIY solution for domestic windows but, because they cannot be fitted in many situations, they are not "conservatory blinds". We do not recommend using any blinds in a Perfect Fit frame in bi-fold doors. The frame will often cause obstruction issues with parts of the doors such as any locks and handles, and may even stop the doors from folding back properly.

To see actual Perfect Fit Blinds (not just a fabric sample) contact us for a free quotation.

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We were very impressed with the visiting surveyor. His attitude and professional background went a long way to persuading my ex-architect husband that he knew what he was talking about!

We liked the samples provided and were able to make our choice on the spot. The installers provided an excellent fitting service - quick but efficient.

The awning has been much admired by all our visitors.


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