• Make it Safe Video

    Make it Safe Video

    The British Blind and Shutter Association video explains the risks of looped cords, as well as suggesting solutions.

    Their 'make it safe' campaign has been at the forefront of educating the public and industry for years.

  • Blinds with no looped cords

    No Looped Cords

    The easiest way to avoid the risks is to buy blinds that don't have looped cords.

    There are many ranges available, but our most popular are pure™ Pleated Blinds.

  • Cords with no fixed loops

    No Fixed Loops

    Breakaway connectors mean that no cords can form a dangerous fixed loop.

    Only required where a blind must have a hanging cord, they provide a practical safe solution.

  • Safety Warning Labels

    Safety Labels

    In addition to providing safety features for any blinds that have hanging cords, we also fit warning labels.

    We only fit blinds with hanging cords at a height that won't pose a high risk, and train you in the correct safety procedures.

  • Blinds with Cleat

    Cords with Cleats

    Any blinds that require a hanging cord in order to operate must be tied onto a cleat at least 1.5m above floor level.

    We provide a choice of different cleats to suit your conservatory, and provide instructions for their correct use.

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Blind Cord Safety

Looped cords have always been a risk for young children, so consider this carefully when buying your conservatory blinds.

Looped cords are a potential safety hazard but, in a conservatory, these risks are multiplied, so make sure that you are fully informed and prioritise conservatory blinds that do not have any looped cords, like our pure Pleated Blinds.
We provide safety devices for blinds that traditionally have looped cords:
  • Cleats to tie off any hanging cords 1.5m above floor level
  • Connectors that convert a looped cord into a single cord
  • Breakaway connectors that come apart when subjected to pressure
  • Retractable cords that disappear back into the blind fater operation
As well as offering alternative systems that do-away with looped cords:
All cords with hanging cords must have safety devices fitted to avoid a fixed loop, but nust also have cleats fitted at least 1.5m above floor level. We also provide a warning label with all looped cord blinds and cleats to remind you of their potential risk.
Visit the BBSA make it safe web site for more information or watch their video of child safety advice.
Finally, although blinds installed before March 2014 are not required to meet specific regulations set out in EN13120, we provide past customers with a completely free service where we can review the Child Safety of your existing conservatory blinds. All you need to do is contact us using our Ask an Expert form, requesting free cord safety advice.

There are millions of curtains and blinds fitted in the UK with looped cords, all of which pose a potential risk to young children, and even our pets. We have posted numerous news articles and reminders about this on our web site, educating home owners to review their blinds, seek out alternative safety options and, above all, to be vigilant when supervising young children.

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