• Solar Glass

    Solar Glass

    Solar glazing works, but it isn't magic glass, so most people find that they still need blinds.

    Solar glass reduces heat but you will still have glare and very poor insulation against heat loss when compared to your house.

  • Solar Glazing

    Solar Glazing

    Even an east facing conservatory with solar glazing, like this one, needs roof blinds.

    We've lost count of the number of people that were told that they wouldn't need roof blinds, only to find that they quite obviously do.

  • Solar glass conservatory

    North Facing

    Even if you are north-facing, like this conservatory, you can see how much glare there is.

    And it's not just the glare either... can you honestly say that this conservatory looks welcoming?

  • Solar Glass with Conservatory Blinds

    Conservatory Blinds

    Compare previous images to this... an average conservatory with solar glass roof.

    You can see how much glare (and heat) is stopped by these blinds without making it dark or uninviting.

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Solar & Tinted Glass

Conservatory blinds that have been specially designed to work in conjunction with solar glazing and tinted glass without damaging your roof.

If you have high performance solar glazing then you are probably hoping to reduce the inevitable heat and UV of a conservatory roof. These kinds of glass can reduce heat significantly, but a conservatory can never be as comfortable as your home.

Modern solar glazing reduces solar gain by absorbing the majority of the infra-red frequencies that are normally transmitted through double glazing. The problem is that this heat is not lost – just touch your solar glazing on a sunny day and see how hot it is!

Even conservatories with solar glazing need blinds; if not to reduce heat then to reduce glare, UV and heat loss when it is cold outside, as well as to provide privacy from above and reduce the reverberating echo from all those hard surfaces and stop the mirror-like effect from the tinted glass.

Solar glazing needs specialist blinds to make sure that the air gap between the blinds and the glass does not overheat and damage the structure. This isn’t scare-mongering – not only have we seen damaged roofs, but the conservatory roof manufacturers themselves stipulate an individual blind layout with a 15mm air gap to avoid this problem.

Despite the verbal assurances of some salesmen that you might encounter, they will nearly always ignore this when it comes to providing you with a quotation, because it is more expensive. Try for yourself and see how they will say one thing and then quote for another – thick unsuitable fabrics with large blinds covering multiple panes of glass are not only ugly and difficult to operate, but will void your roof guarantee.

Our Solar Design™ fabric range provides a gentle solar reflective coating on a breathable fabric with an individual blind layout that conforms to roof guarantees, and even has a 15mm air gap without creating ugly light gaps.

If you have solar glazing then compare our service to everyone else and contact us for a free quotation.

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All in all we would recommend this company as the employee's we dealt with have all been professional and very knowledgeable and the blinds look super. We only wish we had used them for other blinds we had fitted earlier.


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