• Shaped Blinds in a Conservatory

    Shaped Blinds

    Our unique shaped blinds have a style and fit all of their own.

    Our pure™ shaped blinds cover the glass without the wide tops and extra rails needed on so many other blinds.

  • Odd Shaped Blinds

    Odd Shaped Blinds

    It doesn't matter how odd shaped your roof is, our shaped blinds fit beautifully.

    And they stay in shape too even after being operated, thanks to our Fabric Control.

  • Any Shape of Blind

    Absolutely Any Shape

    Our shaped roof blinds fit like no others - appearing to be part of the conservatory.

    We have even developed our own pureaspect™ shaped gable blinds that completely fold away.

  • Small Shaped Blinds

    Small Shapes

    Small shaped blinds are very difficult to do well, which is why others avoid them.

    We have developed a technical solution for small roof blinds that really works.

  • Neat Shaped Blinds even when retracted

    When Retracted

    The real test of shaped blinds is what they look like after being used for a while.

    See how neatly our shaped roof blinds are, even after months of use, and how unobtrusive they are when retracted.

  • Recess Fitted Shaped Window Blinds

    Shaped Window Blinds

    It's not obvious at first sight, but there are blinds fitted to every pane of glass.

    We make shaped window blinds that fit neatly onto the glazing beads of your windows.

  • Shaped Pinoleum Roman Blinds

    Shaped Roman Blinds

    Shaped pure™ Pinoleum Roman Blinds fit any roof and yet are completely operational.

    You don't need to compromise on appearance by having fixed shaped blinds.

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Shaped Blinds

Shaped Blinds uniquely designed for all modern glazing without  any compromise. Easier to operate and with a much more fitted appearance.

Our unique range of  pure Conservatory Blinds are designed specifically for conservatories, so offer perfect shaped blinds, because they look like they are meant to be there, rather than a cumbersome afterthought.

They not only fit any shape of conservatory roof or window much neater than generic blind systems, but cover more of the glass, without ugly gaps or wide tops - our shaped roof blinds can be made to just 59mm wide at the apex.

Not only are our shaped roof blinds neater fitting, but are easy to operate (with adjustable handles to suit the pitch of your roof) and don't need the extra rails required with standard pleated blinds, but they also have coordinating cords and supporting micro-cables so that they don't stand out against the fabric.

For ease of ownership, we even have a unique tensioning system and clips that make it easy to take down and refit your blinds when cleaning your conservatory.

Pure technology even extends into shaped window blinds - we have pleated window blinds that can be recess-fitted to the glazing beads or unique pureaspect™ gable blinds that can completely retract leaving no cords or cables covering the glass.

When it comes to shaped blinds, our unique pure Conservatory Blinds simply cannot be beaten. For more information, contact us for a free quotation.

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