• Washable Blinds

    Washable Blinds

    Genuinely washable blinds for your conservatory.

    Many salesmen claim they offer this, but only we have designed blinds that are easy to remove, wash and refit without tools or expert knowledge.

  • Washable Pleated Fabrics

    Washable Fabrics

    Washable fabrics don't have to be thicky and ugly.

    Beautiful fabrics, yet deceptively robust that are designed for the rigours of a harsh environment without losing their appearance.

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Washable Blinds

Unique conservatory blinds that are designed so that they are easy to take down, wash and refit.

Don't be fobbed off with cheap domestic non-washable "easy care" blinds.

Only our unique pure Pleated Blinds are designed so that they are not only completely washable, but are easy to remove, refit and care for, without having to pay someone to do it for you.

The unique quick-release system incorporated within pure Pleated Blinds makes it easy for anyone to unclip the blinds.

Our shaped roof blinds have components that slide-off the rafters so that you don't require any tools, and all roof blinds come with adjusters that release the tension, making them much easier to take down and refit than any other blinds.

Because conservatories get dirty and dusty very quickly compared to any other area of your home, it is essential that the blinds can be cleaned. You can spend thousands of pounds on blinds, only to find that they are ruined within a few short months. Look at our Conservatory Blinds Gallery - many of these blinds have been installed for many months (or longer) before they have been photographed.

And when we say that our blinds are washable, that isn't a vague verbal assurance from a salesman. We back this up in writing, as well as in video and even within our Care Booklet.

You can simply shower them off most of the time but, if necessary, you can immerse them in your bath with a pH neutral cleaning fliud and simply watch the dirt lift off - ideal for smoking households. We even provide you with a care kit that includes silicone to de-grease, clean and refinish your roof blind micro-cables.

To avoid damage to electrical components, motorised or remote control blinds cannot be washed.

For more information about our washable pleated blinds, contact us for a free quotation.

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It is really nice to know that some companies can still live up to their claims. Well done and thank you!


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