As you may have noticed, the heatwave currently affecting the UK is regularly giving many areas temperatures of over 30°C, and although rain is finally forecast for Friday that’s not before temperatures will reach a high of 31.4°C (88.5°F) – and temperatures are expected to rise again next week. The MET office has currently issued a level-3 heat-health warning, advising people to stay out of the sun when possible and use any form of shading possible to reduce heat.

These high temperatures mean that any room that has a large area of glazing, such as a conservatory, orangery or garden room, or even an extension with a set of bi-fold doors or a lantern roof, have become extremely uncomfortable to use throughout the day, only really becoming usable during the evenings.

This is especially difficult for our installation team, who have to work in the roofs of conservatories which are significantly hotter than the already-high temperatures on the ground. While we have many ways of trying to keep cool during the hot weather, heatwaves such as this mean they have to pay extra attention to make sure they keep cool and hydrated as they work.

Shading is extremely important during weather like this, especially if you have any sort of glazed roof that will get a lot of sun throughout the day. If at all possible, try and extend any roof blinds before the sun starts to heat the room up, as it will be much easier to control the temperature in the room if the heat has not had a chance to build up. It’s for this reason that our installation team always tries to fit any roof blinds first during hot weather, as it allows them to work in the shade of the blinds.

Alongside this, proper airflow is also important. By opening up side windows and vents, hot air will be continuously moved out of the room – ensuring it says cool all day.

If you don’t yet have any form of shading, arrange a quotation with a member of our sales team. They will be able to give you advice on the best ways to control the temperature in a room.