Horizontal lantern roof blinds are becoming a very popular way of adding shading to any room with a lantern roof, whether it be an orangery or an extension, and this recent installation of a lantern roof blind fitted into an oragery in Devon is a great example of just how simple this type of blind can be. Just a single blind is used to cover the space, with an aluminium frame used to support the blind meaning that there are no gaps around the edges.

The roof blind uses a Duette® fabric, which is ideal for those looking to improve the insulation in a room. During the upcoming warm summer days the honeycomb structure of the Duette® fabric will help stop heat from building up inside the orangery, and in the winter it will create an extra insulating layer that will help prevent heat escaping through the lantern roof.

Duette Lantern Roof Blinds

For ease of operation, the lantern roof blind is fitted with a battery powered remote control system, which allows the customer to control the blind with just a touch of a button.

Along with the lantern roof blind we also fitted blinds to the windows and door in the orangery. Because we used a Duette® fabric in the roof, we were also able to use the same type and colour of fabric in the sides, so all the blinds had a unified look. It also means that they will also get the insulation benefits of the Duette® fabric across all the glazing in the room, making it more comfortable throughout the year.

Duette Window Blinds

As a final touch, we were able to custom colour the rails and components of both the roof and window blinds to match the colour of the orangery’s frame. This gives all of the blinds an integrated look that makes them feel like a natural addition to the conservatory, instead of standing out.

This just shows how easy it is to transform a room into a more comfortable space with just a few blinds, and also highlights how our level of attention to detail results in blinds that really look like a proper part of the room.