I am so glad I chose Conservatory Blinds to do my windows.

The whole experience has been a highlight for me as my husband is very ill in hospital and I needed something to lift me out of the gloom. Your staff did just that, starting with Aaron who caught on and understood immediately what I would like and showed me some beautiful blinds. He obviously loves what he does and is quite passionate about the quality of the blinds he sells. He did it in the best salesman way in that I didn’t feel I was being ‘sold’ to.

The next visit was from Ryan, equally passionate in his work, proud of the company he works for and it was a joy to meet people who not only love their job, they were good at it and the results are beautiful.

I should explain that my job, before I retired was a recruiter which I did for 45 years. I also loved my job, but I met so many people over those years who I felt very sorry for and they never did their job well as you don’t without the passion. Anyway, the blinds are up and I come out each morning, press a button and they all open up and let the light in.

I came back this afternoon and it was very warm so I closed those blinds which were letting in the sun and it cooled down quite quickly. They have already been noticed by my neighbours and as I live on a newbuild estate I will be showing them off to all who want to see them.

Thank you Conservatory Blinds for giving me a lift when I needed it and doing the job so well.