The past few weeks have seen a lot of nice long sunny days; and while that is great news for those who like to enjoy the sunshine it does mean that rooms that have a large amount of glazing, such as a conservatory, are at an increased risk at having their furniture and flooring damaged by the UV rays in sunlight. This is an especially important issue for people with a south-facing conservatory, as the room will be exposed to the sun for most of the day.

A good way to see if your flooring has already faded is to move a piece of furniture and see the difference in colour between the floor under the furniture and the floor that has been in the sun. Our installation team often sees this difference after a customer has moved their furniture out of the way so that we have room to install the blinds.

In order to protect your furniture and flooring, you need to block the UV from entering the room. While blocking the sunlight entirely will add protection, it also means that a once light and sunny room is turned into a darker and less inviting room – this is why our blind fabrics have been specifically designed to block the UV light from entering a room, but still let enough visible light in to keep the room bright.

The amount of UV protection a blind offers will depend on the exact type and colour of fabric. If protection of your furniture and flooring is a priority, then our sales team will be able to recommend the best type of blinds for the job.