In March we started re-vamping our bigger vans with photography and key information about our company. However, we are now pleased to announce we have started to re-vamp our smaller vans used by our fitters.

New re-vamped vans for fitters

All the vans have alike designs so customers can recognise us on the road. The back of the van states the different areas of the home we can fit our blinds. This includes places such as orangeries, lantern roofs, bi-fold doors and many more. Also, it includes our contact information and website where more details on our blinds can be found.

The sides of the vans help to showcase our most popular products; such as our pure Pleated Blinds and Duette® roof blinds with a representation of what the blinds look like in practice.

They show the current blind trends on the market through our past fittings of motorised roller blinds, gable blinds and lantern roof blinds. Our products have a unique approach; we can solve many problems by tailoring our blinds to difficult shaped windows or roofs that many other providers cannot do.

New re-vamped vans for fitters

The fitters at Conservatory Blinds limited are always busy, travelling around the country to help transform homes in the UK. Therefore, revamping our fitter’s vans was a must, as they are the most seen by the public.