The temperature this week has been the hottest so far this year… and it will only get warmer. The warm weather means that a lot of people have started to see just how uncomfortable a room like a conservatory can get throughout the summer; but while it may be uncomfortably warm in the main part of the conservatory, it can be even worse for our installation team.

The temperature in a conservatory will vary depending on how close to the roof you are. So while temperatures are generally fitting around 30ºC at the bottom of a conservatory, they can reach up to 60ºC at the top of the roof. Since a lot of the job of our fitters involves getting right up into the roof of a conservatory, both during survey and installation, this can mean that they need to work in some very uncomfortable temperatures.

Our fitters have various techniques to make working in these conditions more variable. Starting as early as possible means that we can try and avoid the hottest times of the day, and we always try and fit any roof blinds first so we can then work in their shade. Many of our fitters also bring their own fans with them as a way of keeping cool.

While we do what we can to make these conditions a bit more bearable, we do ask that anyone getting their blinds fitted during warm weather like this does as much as possible to help our installation team keep cool. Please be understanding if your fitter needs to take a short break when measuring or installing roof blinds, as they will always be much more productive if they are allowed to cool themselves down – and of course cold drinks are always welcome!