A concern that we occasionally get from prospective customers is whether or not it is actually safe to drill into the frame of a conservatory to fit blinds. There are a lot of reasons why people may think this is unsafe; some of which come from people being over cautious, or having heard horror stories of bad installations by smaller, less experienced companies. In some cases, they may worry that their conservatory’s guarantee will be invalidated should anyone drill into the frame.

When we fit blinds into a conservatory we will only drill into a small section of the frame for each blind. We also use varying lengths of screws to account for the different types of blinds that we fit, and the different types of conservatory frame we can fit into. In some cases we will install a small aluminium profile into the conservatory which we can fit the blinds on to as that requires less drilling than fitting the blinds on to the conservatory frame directly.

A lot of the fine details about how the blinds will be installed are what is discussed during the survey. The surveyor will look at the type of conservatory you have, including the material it’s made of and the size of the frame and window beading, and then decide upon the best way to fit the blinds.

We have fitted blinds into thousands of conservatories and have done so for well over 20 years, so we really have become experts at drilling into and fitting blinds into conservatories safely and without damage. Each member of our installation team has a minimum of 2 years training, so they know the best way to fit blinds into the various different types of conservatories available.

We are also a member of the British Blind and Shutter Association, meaning we have a series of strict guidelines we have to follow when we make and fit our blinds to make sure they’re safe for installation.

We advise anyone who is worried about blinds invalidating their guarantee to contact their conservatory company directly and ask them about it. In a lot of cases blinds will not affect the guarantee, or there may be certain stipulations as to how the blinds must be fitted to avoid damage. These stipulations are in the majority of cases things that we are doing anyway when we fit all of our blinds.