We’re very happy to be introducing our new autumn advert, which is currently being shown across the country on multiple TV channels.

The new advert highlights some of the key benefits of made-to-measure blinds during the autumn and winter months. Although the sun may not be shining throughout the day any more. There is still plenty of ways our blinds can totally transform a room; and make it a more comfortable space throughout the year.

As the nights get longer and colder; many people start to find that they stop using rooms with a lot of glazing. Having a lot of glazing in a room such as a folding doors or an entire conservatory, can make the room feel exposed. It can give you a “goldfish bowl” feeling. This is where it feels like everyone can see in, but you cannot see out.

Glazing is also a major source of heat loss! This can make the rooms uncomfortably cold during the autumn and winter. Any room with glazing in the roof, including lantern roofs, conservatories or orangeries; is going to feel this effect the most.

With our made to measure blinds, you can increase both privacy and insulation throughout the colder months. The exact same properties that help our blinds keep out the heat during the summer. The blinds are also excellent insulators during the winter. Also, with our ability to neatly fit blinds into even the most awkward of shapes you can enjoy privacy throughout the long nights.

Now is an ideal time to add blinds to your conservatory, orangery, lantern roof, gable or folding doors, as you still have enough time to ensure they’re fitted before the coldest months of the year. Our Christmas deadline is also fast approaching, so if you want to guarantee you’ll get your blinds before Christmas, you’ll need to arrange a quotation with a member of our sales team now.