Today sees the start of a two-day meeting for our entire Installation Team, held in our factory in Ashford, Kent. The various fitters we have from across the country all travel down to the factory so they can meet up with the Contracts Team and our Operations Manager and discuss what they’ve been doing, and give any feedback directly back to us. It’s a great way for the entire team to get together, meet any of the new installers that have joined since the last meeting, and compare notes.

One of the main focuses of this meeting will be a newly updated and revised product manual. We give each member of our sales and installation team a full product manual, which covers every single type of blind we sell and the various different ways of fitting them. We are constantly updating and improving the blinds we sell, so meetings like these are the best opportunity to make sure everyone is kept up to date with the latest changes. That way, we know that all of our team have everything they need to expertly fit the full range of bespoke blinds that we offer.

The installation team will also be getting a preview of some of the upcoming changes to our workflow, which will improve how they manage their appoints for both surveys and installations.

This week’s meeting will be followed by a meeting of the sales team next week, where they will also have the opportunity to go through all the updates and changes we’ve made over the last few months.