As we go through spring and into summer, we enter the time of year when people start to use both their conservatory and their blinds the most. Rooms like a conservatory can be tough to keep clean as they attract a lot more dirt when compared to other rooms in the house, as well as a lot of insects during this time of year. As a result of this blinds that are fitted in a conservatory will need a bit more care than standard window blinds throughout the house.

Luckily there are lots of easy ways to make sure that your blinds stay clean and looking like new throughout all of their use over the spring and summer.

Cleaning the Blinds Directly
Depending on the type of blinds you have, it's possible to clean the fabric of the blinds directly. All of our Solar Design™ fabrics are fully washable, meaning that you can rinse them off in the shower or wash them in warm soapy water. This is different to most other fabrics used in conservatory blinds, which cannot be cleaned to such a degree. Even the fabrics labelled as 'Easy Care' can often only be wiped with warm water as anything stronger may damage the fabric. Duette® fabrics need a little more care to clean properly, but stains can be treated with a soft sponge or brush.

All manual blinds that are fitted with our own pure™ rails are designed to be easy to remove, for ease of cleaning.

Watch Out For Insects
Insects can be a problem during this time of year, as they can get trapped behind the blinds and potentially cause stains on the fabric. It's easy to get any trapped insects out from behind the fabrics, either by un-clipping one end of the blind and shaking anything trapped behind it out. For blinds that can't be easily removed, such as motorised blinds, we recommend using a hair dryer behind the fabric to blow out any debris.

Keep the Conservatory Clean
If you make sure the rest of the conservatory is kept clean – especially the glass behind the blinds – then it will be a lot easier to keep the blinds clean. This is especially important if the room also has a problem with moisture and condensation, as it means that mould may start to grow on the fabrics which cannot be easily removed once it starts.

We have designed our blinds to be as easy to clean and maintain as possible, so they stay looking like new even years after they have been fitted. We also make sure that all of our customers are provided with enough information to maintain their blinds properly, both via the Care & Maintenance booklet they are provided at installation and via the MyBlinds customer area of our website, which contains instructional videos showing how to perform simple maintenance tasks.