As you may have noticed, the UK is in the middle of a heatwave, seeing temperatures soar and potentially even break records. During weather like this we always see the demand for blinds skyrocket as everyone tries to find a way to keep the heat our of their conservatory, orangery or extension so the room stays comfortable.

But while the temperatures can start get be unbearable for most of us normally, it is even worse for our installation team who have to work up close to conservatory and lantern roofs in order to fit blinds. The hottest part of the conservatory is always the roof, and the closer you get to it the warmer it gets. In some cases the roof of a conservatory can approach 60ºC (140ºF) – making it extremely uncomfortable for anyone trying to work up there either measuring for or installing conservatory blinds.

During periods of weather like this we always ask that our customers do as much as possible to help our fitters keep cool. Many of our fitters bring their own fans with them during weather like this, so a spare power socket in the conservatory will help them out considerably, and of course any cold drinks are always appreciated.

Please also be understanding if your fitter needs to take a short break when measuring or installing roof blinds. Due to the extreme temperatures in a conservatory roof, the fitter will always be much more productive if they are allowed to cool themselves down.

There are also a few things our fitters do to try and alleviate the conditions and make it easier for them to work:

  • Start work early – if we can start early in the morning, we can avoid the worst of the day’s sun
  • Ventilate the conservatory – creating a through-draft significantly reduces the temperature
  • Create our own shade – we fit the largest roof blinds first so that we can work in our own shade
  • Drink lots of fluids – it is so unbelievably hot at roof level that we lose a lot of body fluids,
  • Take regular breaks – it is quite easy to suffer heat stroke working in conservatories

If you are having blinds fitted during this heatwave, we appreciate anything you can do to keep our fitters cool!