The spring weather at the moment seems to be very damp and grey across most of the country, making the warm sunny weather of last summer seem like a distant memory. But it's important to remember just how hot it actually got last year, with temperatures reaching over 30°C and the MET office issuing heatwave alerts.

If you have an area in your house that has a lot of glazing, such as a conservatory, orangery, or even an extension with a set of bi-fold doors or a lantern roof, then you might remember just how warm it can get in there during the height of summer; especially if the room is south-facing and gets sunlight most of the day. This is why when the warm weather finally arrives we get a lot of enquiries from people who need blinds to help keep down the heat.

However in most cases by the time you really start to feel the heat of summer in your conservatory it is already too late to do anything about it. By the time you go through the process finding the blinds you like, having a quotation, survey and getting the blinds installed, the sunny weather is almost over.

We always recommend that people buy their blinds well before the start of the summer weather, making now an ideal time to get started. If you order your blinds now, not only will you be able to make sure your conservatory is totally prepared for whatever warm weather the summer may bring, but you can also take advantage of the discounts on some of our most popular blinds in our Spring Sale.

If you'd like to get ahead of the sunny weather and make sure your room is ready, arrange a quotation with a member of our sales team and see how our blinds can transform it into a more comfortable space.