Factory Direct Conservatory Blinds

Suitable for around a quarter of all conservatories

Save up to 40% off the very best conservatory blinds in the UK with our Factory Direct Service. You will often find that your blinds are installed quicker than normal if you can fit in with our availability or at short-notice.


  1. Have a standard shape conservatory?
  2. Require regular shaped pleated blinds in our most popular fabrics?
  3. Live close to areas where we are already working?
  4. Have the ability to fit around our existing appointments?

If so, then our popular Factory Direct Conservatory Blinds service is ideal for you as it offers exactly the same high quality, at a significantly reduced price.

How does this work?

We reduce costs by avoiding particularly tricky or expensive options, even down to strictly limiting any extra travelling. It's absolutely ideal for people with simpler conservatories who are considering a local blind retailer.

Standard Conservatory Shapes

We define a 'standard' conservatory shape as being one of the following types of conservatories:


Standard Conservatory Shapes
Lean To Conservatory Gable End Conservatory Edwardian Conservatory Victorian Conservatory

Regular Shaped Pleated Blinds

These are the standard shape of bleated blinds that are covered by our factory direct service:


regular shaped pleated blinds
Rectangular Roof Blinds Right-angle Triangle Isosceles Triangle Right-angle Trapeziod       Arrowhead Rectangular Window Blinds

What's included in our Factory Direct Service?

Our Factory Direct option excludes all of the particularly time-consuming and expensive options that make our work more difficult, or for situations where we are actually the only specialists in the country that can carry out such work.

Factory Direct Service Limitations

  • Manual operation only
  • White or brown rails only
  • Standard shaped blinds only
  • Standard conservatories only
  • Available in Stock or Core fabrics
  • Limited availability for appointments
  • Limited 5 year parts + 1 year labour guarantee
  • Limited availability areas adjacent to other orders
  • Only available with order values of £1,500 - £6,000
  • Only one Factory Direct Order available per household
  • Not available with any form of Interest Free Credit options
  • Not available with any other offers, blind ranges or options

Example items not included within our Factory Direct service:

  • Any obtuse shaped roof blinds or shaped window blinds
  • Any remote control operation
  • Any coloured rails other than white or brown
  • Any special order fabrics
  • Any orders where you are unable to fit around our existing appointments
  • Any orders located outside of our existing order areas

Live close to areas where we are already working?

If you live within 10 miles/30 minutes radius of an existing order shown on the current workload map, you are able to take advantage of our unique Factory Direct Service, as this saves us an enormous amount of extra travelling.

Have the ability to fit around our existing appointments?

Our Factory Direct Service requires you to fit around other appointments for your survey and installation, or be available at short notice. This saves on the extra travelling that would otherwise add significantly to the cost.

We are currently working in these areas:

We are currently working in these areas

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