At the start of the week, we fitted a horizontal lantern roof blind into the roof of a room in the George & Dragon Pub and Restaurant in Devon, as the owners were finding that the room was getting far too warm – especially during the recent heatwave.

The George & Dragon Pub in Darthmouth, Devon

Soon after we had installed the blinds, we recieved a message from the owners, commenting on how happy they were with our service, the blind, and how it’s make the room more comfortable:

“We run a busy redevelopment of a traditional Pub and modern restaurant, keeping historic and original features with additional modern facilities and tweaks relating my family’s love of dragons. – The George & Dragon in Dartmouth Devon. We wanted to make our Boatroom Restaurant more comfortable and attractive to diners. It is a fabulous room with local artist’s works relating to the River Dart and historic Dart Harbour, just 200m away, however the new and very attractive central Lanternlight windows, also allowed considerable heat build-up in Summer, and despite being double glazed to the latest standards, also allowed significant heat loss in winter – because of its size, all of which we wanted to prevent. We contacted several companies locally and nationally but received little interest because of its large size at more than 3m long and nearly 2m wide, or our location in Devon, or something, it seemed no one had what we wanted or was interested!

My wife then saw an advert for Conservatory Blinds in one of her magazines and so once again half-heartedly I went on line and called them, “no problem” they said! “Our man in the area will contact you” – so having heard this before but had no response, I was pleasantly surprised when Craig called us the next day and arranged to come and take a look, take measurements and give us a price the next week. Craig duly came was immediately able to identify exactly what we needed, in a material that met my wife’s aesthetic demands (she who must be obeyed!) and also met my shade and heat / insulation requirements, plus ease of operation and minimal maintenance – Perfect in fact!

So we placed an order and grace a deposit to Craig, then yesterday, just 3 weeks later, Craig returned and fitted the blind – just in time to keep the afternoon sunshine at bay and make the restaurant very comfortable in the evening, this has also immediately significantly reduced the running of our air conditioning unit and I am sure it will do likewise for our heating in the winter.

I must say that we are impressed with the speed and efficiency of service, the knowledge and cutesy of the estimator/fitter and the product. Thank you.”

Horizontal Lantern Roof Blind with Duette Fabric

Horizontal blinds are an efficient way of shading a room with a roof lantern, as it means we can cover the space with a small amount of blinds; in this case we were able to add shading to the room with just a single blind. The Duette® fabric we used has been designed to control the temperature in a room, with their unique honeycomb structure creating an extra insulating layer. This means that as well as keeping out the heat during this heatwave, the blind will also come in handy keeping the heat in the room during the winter.

Thanks to the way we fit these style of blinds, they are able to retract away neatly so they are almost invisible when not in use.

 Horizontal Lantern Roof Blind with Duette Fabric 

Thanks to the experience and expertise of our sales team, factory staff and fitters, we can create horizontal blinds for a large variety of lantern roof sizes – even though the other companies the owners had contacted did not want to provide a blind due to its size.

If you have a lantern roof similar to this one, and have been finding that the room is now extremely uncomfortable during this heatwave, arrange a quotation with a member of our sales team who can show you how our blinds can help make it a more comfortable space.