Price Guide - Orangery with Lantern Roof

Conservatory blinds prices vary for many reasons (see our FAQs here) and so our price guides try to account for all of these variables. Actual quotations vary with exact specification, size, layout, fitting, fabric, operation and quantity of blinds.

5.1m x 4.6m (17' x 15')

Orangery 5.1m x 4.6m (17′ x 15′) with 16 panes of roof glazing and 20 windows. Roof blinds using an individual layout. All prices include survey, installation and VAT.

Roof blinds: from £3,504 to £7,985
Window blinds: from £1,595 to £4,354

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Small Lantern Roof

Single horizontal manual lantern blind for lantern roofs between 1.5m x 1m (4’11” x 3’3″) to 1.5m x 2.5m (4’11” x 8’2″). All prices include survey, installation and VAT.

Horizontal blind: from £1,227 to £1,662

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Large Lantern Roof

Single or multiple horizontal manual lantern blinds for lantern roofs between 2.5m x 3.8m (8’2″ x 12’5″) to 5m x 3.8m (16’4″ x 12’5″). All prices include survey, installation and VAT.

Horizontal blinds: from £2,999 to £5,600

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“From” prices are based on a doubled-up layout with cheaper fabrics and standard specifications. “To” prices are based on an individual blind layout with the most popular fabrics, specifications and manual operation. Remote control operation, Battery Powered Motorisation, SmartCord® and LiteRise® are all optional extras and are not included in the guide prices.

We have endeavoured to provide realistic information, but your quotation may be higher or lower than these price guides. Actual quotations take into account a great deal of information, as well as the suitability of blind range for that particular shape of conservatory. Because of this we provide extra information so that you can judge which blind type is likely to be the most suitable for your conservatory.

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