Most popular blinds for conservatories

  • pure Pleated Blinds

    pure™ Pleated Blinds

    Pleated Blinds that have been specifically designed for use in conservatories, for the neatest look possible.

    Not only completely washable, but easily removed and refitted without the need for expert help.

  • pure Pinoleum Blinds

    pure™ Pinoleum Blinds

    Ideal for timber conservatories, Pinoleum blinds retain the light and airy atmosphere of your conservatory, creating a dappled shade that reduces glare.

    Available in a wide range of styles and shades, including Farrow & Ball colours.

  • Duette Blinds

    Duette Blinds

    Duette® Pleated Blinds are ideal for large or very wide areas of rectangular glazing.

    The unique cellular honeycomb construction traps air and acts as a highly effective insulating layer, to help keep you cooler in summer and warmer in the winter.

  • pure Remote Control

    pure™ Remote Control

    The only remote control blinds specifically designed for use in conservatories.

    Unique conservatory blinds with simultaneous and multiple-zone operation, as well as individual blind control.

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