Lowest Price Guarantee

Our Lowest Price Guarantee means that if you receive a lower quotation for the same specification (i.e. same blind range, fabric and number of blinds) then we promise to beat it by up to 10% of the difference.

Even if you have received a cheaper quotation based on a lower specification, we will normally at least match that price - if not beat it.

We don't hide how much our conservatory blinds cost. Our price guides provide accurate information and price comparisons on the widest choice of conservatory blinds in the UK.

If you have received a lower quotation then it is almost certainly for a substantially different specification than we have given you.


We would advise that you always check the following in writing:

  • Check the full description of the blinds being offered
    This is often deliberately vague so that you assume it is similar
  • Check the quantity of blinds being quoted for
    This is often for much fewer blinds than we have quoted for
  • Have you been shown any actual blinds, or just fabrics?
    Most rely on you not seeing their blinds until they are fitted
  • Do you know exactly how the blinds will be fitted?
    Most salesmen do not know any technical information

Read 5 things to look out for when comparing quotations and remember, it is normally what you are not being told that is often most important.

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The more information we have about your other quotation, the easier it will be for us to make sure we are comparing similar quotations. We will happily provide various quotations for alternative specifications if required.

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