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The Perfect Blinds for Timber Conservatories
13 April 2018 Conservatory Blinds
We take a look at how our blinds are able to match the natural look of a timber framed conservatory, thanks to our level of attention to detail across every aspect.  Read more…
Creating a Natural Look with Pinoleum Blinds
02 February 2018 Conservatory Blinds
We look at how recent customers in East Sussex were able to add a natural feel to their conservatory with our pure Pinoleum Roof Blinds.  Read more…
Adding Traditional Looking Pinoleum Blinds
12 January 2018 Conservatory Blinds
We take a look at a recent installation of Pinoleum Blinds fitted into a high apex roof in a conservatory in Oxfordshire.  Read more…
Pinoleum Blinds with a Classic Oak Headrail
06 November 2017 Conservatory Blinds
We look at an example of how the classic oak headrail for Pinoleum blinds can create an elegant look when used in a conservatory's windows.  Read more…
Pinoleum Blinds Made By Experts
15 September 2017 Conservatory Blinds
We recently replaced some old pinoleum blinds fitted by another company with our own pure Pinoleum Blinds, and the differences in quality are easy to see.  Read more…

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