Large areas of glazing in a home can seem like a massive benefit as they; provide amazing views, and let the sun lighten up a room during clear days. They do also come with their own set of drawbacks, including:

  • Glare
  • Heat Build-Up
  • Lack of privacy

The Problem

This was the case with a recent customer of ours in Farnham, Surrey; who had a large area of glazing in his bedroom. They needed a solution that not only helped reduce heat and glare and dramatically increase privacy, but would also fit in with the modern décor of the room.

Duette Gable Blinds Retracted

The property was a barn conversion with beautiful views of the country. The windows themselves were very large and featured a large apex shape at the top.

The Solution

We recommended two large pureaspect™ Gable Blinds for the large apex windows; using Duette® fabrics to help with privacy. Originally designed for gables in conservatories, our unique pureaspect™ gable blinds is perfect for large apex windows such as this. We have continuously improved our system to allows us to fit blinds that cover the triangular shape and extend down. This means that we can cover an entire area with just two blinds very neatly. They are designed to retract away as neatly as possible: in the above photo the blinds are retracted away with minimal obstruction of the view.

The sleek and elegant design of the pureaspect™ Gable Blinds and Duette® fabric fit perfectly into the modern décor of the room. We were able to go the extra mile and have the components of the blinds, the blind rails and the fixings, powder coated to match the colour of the window frames. The blinds look like a natural addition to the room, as if they had always been there.

Our beaming review

The customers were so happy with their blinds that they left a review on our Checkatrade page, commenting on how happy they were with our level of service:

“Absolutely recommend these guys. Especially Aaron who went through the quote process and went through all the options available very professional and always available to answer any questions and very quick to respond . With thanks to Martin for the installation of the blinds clean and tidy perfect installation.”

Large areas of glazing can seem tricky, we are able to find perfect solutions using our unique technology. Our experts can fit blinds into complex and large shapes. If you’d like to see how our blinds can transform your home, arrange a quotation with a member of our sales team.