• Classic Pleated Blinds

    Classic Pleated Blinds

    As sold by the biggest general blind retailer and the numerous web-based businesses, these are the cheapest pleated blinds.

    Best suited to rectangles and simple shaped roofs, you will not find a more cost-effective shading solution.

  • Classic Pleated Window Blinds

    Classic Window Blinds

    Simple pleated blinds with flat rails, external clips and no fabric overhang on the sides.

    Because they're based on an old design, when fitted in a modern conservatory there will be gaps, unless they are concealed within Perfect Fit frames.

  • Classic Pleated Fabrics

    Classic Pleated Fabrics

    Classic solar reflective pleated fabrics filter more natural light, so need to be operated more often.

    Thick fabrics are more noticeable when retracted and they aren't washable, but you can opt for more expensive options.

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Classic Pleated Blinds

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Quite simply Classic Pleated Blinds are the cheapest option for simple blinds in a conservatory, as sold by the major UK budget house blinds specialist.

Since a well-known house blind specialist started selling "conservatory blinds" they have used the cheapest blind system with the cheapest fabrics, using the cheapest possible blind layout and the very cheapest subcontract fitting.

Despite the obvious clear difference in quality, customers find it hard to ignore the low prices, so we have reintroduced an updated version of our Classic Pleated Blinds.

These pleated blinds have been manufactured since the 1980's so the system and manufacturing tools are tried and tested. The only difference to the original Classic system is that it has a basic lay-flat cord integrated into the fabric to hold it flatter when retracted.

Only really suited for very wide blinds and for simpler shapes, it is possible to manufacture these blinds up to 2m wide (6' 6") but they required a much wider top apex (min. 100-500mm).

They are not ideal for recess-fitting to UPVC windows as the square-edged system leaves gaps against the curved glazing beads unless fitted within Perfect Fit frames.

As you would expect with such cheap pleated blinds, they are not washable and cannot be easily removed as they have a fixed tension operating system. Similarly, the supporting wires on roof blinds may need to be retensioned over time, as they stretch slightly.

Classic Pleated Blinds are only available with a subcontract fitting service (the same one that fits all of the blinds for online retailers) so your labour guarantee is limited to just 1 year (like all other retailers).

Despite not being particularly suited to conservatories, these blinds are sold by most other companies, so we also offer Classic Pleated Blinds as a budget alternative where you can save up to 50% off our purpose designed pleated blinds.

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Very good workmanship. The blinds are lovely and have completely stopped the influx of flies that happened when the conservatory was built. The range of colours was good. I use the conservatory a lot as a study and do enjoy the experience as it now looks like a proper room rather than a glass box.


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