• Standard Pleated Blinds

    Standard Pleated Blinds

    Standard Pleated Blinds are just slightly older blind systems.

    They are the same blinds as sold by most general retailers, as an alternative to purpose-designed conservatory blinds.

  • Pleated blinds with flat rails

    Flat Rails

    Standard Pleated Blinds have flat rails so they are ideal for fitting to flat glazing beads.

    The external clips create a 3mm gap, so only a slither of light will creep in.

  • Simple Shaped Blinds

    Simple Shaped Blinds

    If your conservatory has simple shapes, then Standard Pleated Blinds could be a good solution.

    The roof wires are noticeable and there are slightly more light gaps evident, but they are an excellent alternative.

  • Standard Pleated Window Blinds

    Window Blinds

    Standard pleated window blinds have external clips that can be fitted to glazing beads at an angle.

    The "birdsmouth gap" cannot be eliminated, but we can provide a neat fit without a fabric overhang.

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Standard Pleated Blinds

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Standard Pleated Blinds ranges include all of the general pleated blind systems that are offered by other companies today, as a cheaper solution.

Before we designed our exclusive pure Pleated Blinds we manufactured all of the other traditional pleated blinds that are still sold by retailers today.

We can therefore still offer all of these pleated blinds as lower cost options.

Because we made these pleated blind ranges for many years, we still have all of the experience, stock and manufacturing facilities to compete with the general blind retailers and direct-sales companies.

The main differences are that these blinds are adapted from European sunroom blinds, so they aren't terribly well suited to recess-fitting on shaped glazing beads as they remain tilted and there are gaps between the beading and the rails caused by the clips.

In terms of actual shading and general performance, Standard Pleated blinds are nigh on identical. It is the appearance, neatness, more difficult operation and general longevity that differs greatly.

When it comes to awkward shaped glazing, such as gables and obtuse blinds, then standard ranges are not well suited at all because they aren't designed for this kind of application, so will result in fixed areas of fabric with extra rails.

For more information on how our Standard Pleated Blinds can fit in your conservatory and to compare every range of pleated blinds available in the UK side-by-side, contact us for a free quotation.

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I can honestly say we are thrilled with the final product, which was due mainly to your fitter, whom really did go the extra mile to ensure we had a quality product to suit our needs and property. He was outstanding and gave great service every step of the way. I hope you will pass on my comments to whom it may concern.


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