• Control Light and Glare

    Control Light and Glare

    Vision window blinds give you complete control over the amount of light coming into your room.

    Depending on how you position the blinds, they can either be translucent or totally opaque, letting you pick from a view of the outside or total privacy.

  • A View Outside

    A View Outside

    With the fabric positioned so that the translucent fabric is visible, you can keep your view of your garden or patio while still controlling the amount of light coming into the room, as well as reducing glare.

  • A Private Room

    A Private Room

    With the opaque fabric aligned, you can give yourself complete privacy and dramatically reduce the amount of light coming into the room - ideal for setting an special atmosphere.

  • Alternating Fabrics

    Alternating Fabrics

    The alternating transparent and opaque fabrics allows you to adjust the amount of privacy you have through your windows to suit your needs.

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Vision Window Blinds

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Use Vision blinds to shade your room in whatever way you wish, and control the amount of light and privacy in the room at any time.

Controlling light in a room can have a dramatic effect, and can be the difference between a room that's comfortable to use and one that is filled with glare during the day, and lacks privacy at night.

Most blinds only have one way of blocking out the light, meaning it can sometimes be hard to adapt to different situations. Vision blinds feature two layers of semi-transparent and opaque horizontal striped fabric which move independently, allowing the blinds to transition seamlessly between being translucent and dim-out blinds.

With the translucent fabric, daylight is softened and glare is reduced - allowing you to use your room in comfort with reduced glare, while still keeping the room bright.

Sliding the fabric into a closed opaque position gives a dim-out effect, dramatically increasing privacy - ideal for using later into the night.

Vision blinds are available in a wide range of contemporary fabrics along with various different cassette options, to match the style of any window.

Vision blinds are operated in a similar way to roller blinds, with a single control chain that both lets you move between the translucent and opaque fabrics, and retract the blind away entirely. Vision blinds are also available with a battery-operated remote control option, for complete ease of operation.

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I have nothing but praise for both salesman & fitter. Both were very professional indeed.

Joe did not make you feel you were under any pressure to buy, but at the same time was convincing and informative without being overbearing. He was excellent.

The fitter was also excellent - he arrived and got on with his job, was courteous, pleasant and seemingly very competent – he also made sure everything was kept clean and tidy even whilst he was carrying out the work. He finished the job in the day despite having to stay late to complete it - but he did not rush or cut corners.


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