• Pure Pleated Window Blinds

    Pleated Window Blinds

    Pleated Window Blinds that look like part of your conservatory.

    Not only completely washable, but easily removed and refitted without the need for expert help.

  • Pure Pleated Roof Blinds

    Pleated Roof Blinds

    Pleated Roof Blinds designed to perfectly fit any conservatory.

    They cover more of the glass and have special cords and stainless steel micro-cables that can blend in with your fabric.

  • Shaped Pleated Blinds

    Shaped Pleated Blinds

    Our pure™ Shaped Pleated Blinds are ideal for complex roofs.

    They incorporate lots of design features that make them easier to operate and keep their shape.

  • Pure Aspect Gable Blinds

    pureaspect Gable Blinds

    Unique pureaspect™ gable blinds can be retracted without leaving any cords or wires over the glass and can fit any shape.

  • Washable Pleated Fabrics

    Washable Fabrics

    Solar Design™ pleated fabrics are completely washable and have permanent pleats.

    They won't rot, fade or oxidise on contact with dead insects, like other cheaper fabrics do.

  • puresolo Remote Control Pleated Blinds

    Remote Control Blinds

    Unique puresolo™ remote control pleated blinds - literally the only remote control blinds designed specifically for conservatories.

  • Extra Level of Detail

    Extra Level of Detail

    We have the widest choice of colour coordinated components; rails, end caps, cover strips, brackets and mounting profiles can all be the same colour - all provided as standard.

    No one else can achieve this kind of attention of detail.

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Pleated BlindsPleated Blinds

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Only pure Pleated Blinds have been specifically designed to fit into all modern UK conservatories, exclusively available from Conservatory Blinds Limited.

Our pure Pleated Blinds are utterly unique. They are the only pleated blinds specifically designed for use in UK conservatories, which means that they can be made to fit any shape of conservatory roof or window much neater than generic pleated blinds.

Our shaped pleated roof blinds can be made to the narrowest top apex width so that they cover much more of the glass and fit so much neater around central boss mouldings. Our coordinating cords and exclusive supporting micro-cables are also available in coordinating colours so that they don't stand out against the fabric like they do on other blind ranges.

For ease of ownership, we have a unique tensioning system and clips that make it easy to take down and refit your blinds when cleaning your conservatory. Speaking of cleaning, our pure Pleated Blinds are completely washable to help keep them looking like new for many, many years.

Our pure Pleated Window Blinds fit so much neater; the rails are available in a wide range of colours to suit any conservatory and fit so much more snugly over your window beading that they really look like part of your conservatory - rather than a cumbersome afterthought.

When it comes to awkward shaped glazing, our pure Pleated Blinds really do excel... our unique pureaspect™ Gable Blinds and Obtuse Blinds look, fit and operate like no others.

Perhaps most importantly, pure Pleated Blinds are designed to fit individual panes of glazing. Not only does this look much neater than a doubled-up design layout and makes them easier to operate, but it conforms to the requirements set out by all of the major roof manufacturers.

For more information on how our pure Pleated Blinds can fit in your conservatory and to compare every other range of pleated blinds available in the UK side-by-side, contact us for a free quotation.

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Initial visit very good, including discussion of different options (Not too long, as with another company. And no undue sales pressure!).

Instant quotation, which was very competitive. Survey and installation done to a very good standard - with appropriate demonstration and attention to child safety.

High quality product.


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It's the details that matter. Whether it's the way our blinds fit complex shapes or that we offer unique blinds for every pane.

We spend more on R&D than any other conservatory blind manufacturer. Every component we use is purpose designed.

Because we love what we do, and love our products. Because our staff work for us, and not for the commission.

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