Duette Blinds in a Semi-Solid Conservatory Roof

An increasing trend with modern conservatories is the use of a semi-solid roof; that is a conservatory roof that is mostly solid and opaque but still has some areas of glazing to let light in (sometimes described as ‘hybrid conservatory roofs’). It’s a way of trying to get some of the benefits of a solid roof without making the room too dark – effectively trying to get a mix between a standard conservatory roof and a totally solid roof.

However, we have found that people with these types of roofs are still finding that they need blinds in the small amount of glazing they do have. Although it may only be a few panels in the roof, heat and light can still enter the room during the summer and cause heat build-up, with glare being an issue all year round.

We were contacted by a couple in Wiltshire with this style of roof last year, who needed blinds for exactly that reason. Although their roof only had a few panels of glazing, they were still getting issues caused by the sun coming through, and so needed blinds to help with that.

After speaking with a member of our sales team they decided on blinds with a Duette® Fabric, as they make excellent insulators and help control the temperature in a room, as well as reducing glare throughout the year.

Duette Blinds in a Semi-Solid Conservatory Roof

After the blinds were fitted the customers were very happy with the work done, and have now just recently left a positive review on our Checkatrade page, after having the blinds for several months:

“Very professional and courteous. Very positive experience. Delighted with the blinds.”
Reliability & Timekeeping: 10 | Tidiness: 10 | Courtesy: 10 | Workmanship: 10

Of course this does raise the question – if even conservatories with a semi-solid roof need blinds, is there any reason to not have the whole roof transparent? Many people buy conservatories to be a light and sunny room for the house, but want to limit the effect of heat and glare from the sun. If even a semi-solid roof will make the room a lot darker and the small amount of glazing still causes issues with the sun, it could be argued that a normal conservatory roof with made to measure blinds would be the ideal option. You still get the bright conservatory you need, while the blinds help reduce the effects of the sun all year round.